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Who We Are

What Should Matter is a movement that promotes real things that matter in life such as health, wellness, and business.  We are also content creators that share videos about ways to improve your health and life. Our goal is to educate and influence others by vlogging and sharing our lifestyle and our struggles in maintaining it. In a fast-paced society, we're always in a rush and things seem impossible. There will be moments when things get off track, but the key is to keep going.  Overall, The What Should Matter team strives to focus on creating a balanced life for wholesome living. 

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Melissa Kay

Melissa Kay

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Melissa Kay has over 15 years of experience in the medical field, is a former personal trainer, and has a degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University. She grew up with a mother who was a health-conscious Registered Nurse and a diabetic father who struggled with his health. Coming from humble beginnings Melissa Kay grew up knowing the importance of health at a very young age.

After years of battling her own weight issues and food addictions, Melissa Kay feels she has finally tapped into the root of the problems when it comes to good health, weight control, and healthy eating habits. “What Should Matter" is exactly what it sounds like…Priorities! ‘What should matter’ is about promoting the most important things in life such as producing and obtaining fresh foods to eat, gardening, healthy choices, living healthy, promoting Veganism, exercising, and overall promotion of health and wellness through all aspects of life.

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Stephanie McClain

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Co - Founder

Stephanie McClain has been a digital marketer for over 8 years. She graduated from the American InterContinental University of Atlanta and has a degree in visual communications and web design.  She also has a business certification where she learned entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University.


Stephanie enjoys sharing digital informative content that relates to her life. She is a creative entrepreneur who shares her life REAL life experiences: mental/physical health, entrepreneurship, reviews, hauls, and more.  Her passion is to educate people about things that truly matter in life.


We are living in a time where sharing is caring, and her goal is to give real content that can change your life. Stephanie's goal is to change mindsets because wellness starts with the mind and body.

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