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Preparing For Draft Day, Transferring Schools and More w/ Milo Eifler | The Trenches Ep. 7

Milo Eifler talks about making mistakes as a young player, his preparation for draft day, and his success with transferring schools. This channel was made to bring you everything from camps, coaching tips, drills, interviews, podcasts,s and much more all focused on the lineman position. Anything linemen, we have you covered from youth football to NFL. Hit the subscribe button or give us a like on the video that brought you to our page. #TrenchApproved If you like this video, here are others just like it: Follow Us On All Platforms: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Website: FaceBook:

Milo Talks About His Mom Who Battles With Autoimmune Disease

Milo Chose to Support the Autoimmune Association

"Your health isn't always granted and to be able to continue living is a blessing in itself.  With your help and others, we can continue to make advancements in the area of advocacy, awareness, education, and research, and pursue new opportunities to create hope for the autoimmune community." (His Instagram Post on December, 1 2022)

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